Artist’s Gallery

A deeper look into artist Peter Bruun’s process of creating Beyond Beautiful: One Thousand Love Letters

Each gallery below features four drawings for each of the exhibition’s eight theme. A personal statement by Bruun accompanies each image, offering insights not only about the drawings, but also information on the letters upon which the drawings are based.

Click on a theme below to explore some of it’s love letters, drawings, stories, and impact on the artist more deeply.

Forever Family

Love as the foundation through thick and thin

Honeysuckle Words

Words of love from writers and poets in all their nuance

Cupid’s Arrow

The power of romantic love and its sway

Such Sweet Sorrow

The ache of loss and lingering aroma of deathless love

Wild Horses

Love’s tenacious hold through addiction’s ride

Drive All Night

Love abides despite barriers or physical distance

Love Thy Self

Where the healing power of love begins

The Thousand Things

Love in all its surprise, its beauty, its infinite colors