This is a website in which artist Peter Bruun of Bruun Studios is posting his One Thousand Love Letter project, begun in early 2016 and to continue until he has completed 1,000 drawings inspired by actual love letters from a variety of sources: friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers; historical figures; himself.

The goal upon completion of the project is to exhibit all the drawings at one and the same time, and develop public programs around the exhibitions. All who have contributed to the project will be kept informed on the project as it develops from inception to completion.

About the Drawings

Peter’s process with any given drawing begins with soliciting, searching for, or receiving a love letter. Upon reading the letter, he considers what speaks most directly to him; it is at this point he selects an excerpt from the letter (if not the whole thing) to be included on the drawing itself. From there, he intuitively generates marks on an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of Rives BFK paper loosely based upon figuration, trying to capture in his drawing gestures some abstract spirit of the letter. The drawing is completed in an intuitive manner, where successful expression of some essence to the letter becomes an article of faith.

If the inspiring letter has been contributed to the project by someone wishing to take part, Peter sends a jpeg of his complete drawing to the contributor, having noted on the bottom left corner of the drawing who wrote the letter, and who received it (i.e. “John to Jane”). This transactional moment of sharing the image becomes an important part of the process: a kind of call and response honoring love.


Each drawing Peter makes is comprised of two things: an image expressive of what the inspiring love letter invokes for Peter, and either the full copy of the love letter or an excerpt written by Peter directly on to the drawing. No information beyond the written excerpt is provided about the love letter, or story behind it.

In this website, all the love letter drawings include a brief comment by Peter on what he was thinking in making the drawing.

Get Involved

If you would like to contribute a letter to the project, or have a question or comment, contact Peter here.