Love Letter #147


I was thinking of one standing out.

Peter Bruun

break grayer

He first saw her when he was 14. She was magnetic: luminous onstage, dressed to kill, and so far out of his league he just shook his head and went on with life. Over the next ten years they crossed paths regularly, often trading hellos at performances but no more than that, despite the visceral quickening he felt every time he saw her. That changed when he was 23. On a whim, he invited the world into conversation via social media: This is your chance if there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to tell me… When her name popped up while he was in a meeting, his heart vaulted. He had to see what she’d written, and stealthily tapped her reply. I’ve always thought you had something you wanted to tell me, she wrote, but I don’t know what. If you do, here’s my number. Unexpectedly, he broke into tears. She had felt it too, she saw him, and she was brave enough to reach out. He had nothing to lose and called her, laying it all on the line. Their first date was a few days later, and they’ve been together ever since. Now 30, half a lifetime since that first glimpse, they are soon to be married; their love is more mature now, having stood the test of time. She pushes him every day to be the best man he can and the best father, and he treasures that, needs it. Their love is beautiful hard work, a journey made better by the challenges they meet together.  Both flawed, together they are perfect.  Un amore fatto di baci e dolcezza.

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