Love Letter #86


I was thinking of ballet dancing to your smile.

Peter Bruun

break grayer

Tradition dictated she should be mourning, and she was. Her charming, popular husband had been senselessly beaten to death just months before, leaving her stunned and alone with their 4-year-old twins and determined not to let the tragedy overshadow their lives. Then, unexpectedly, the universe offered some relief to her pain. They met when she sought his legal advice in the wake of the murder, and though she was grieving, the pull between them was strong. There were those in her sphere who balked, scandalized by the pace of her decision to remarry. But she trusted her heart, and out of unimaginable loss found her way to healing and new life for her and her children. His love grounded her, centered her, and gave her the strength to heal and find compassion. Twenty years on, its glorious current continues to nourish and lift them all.

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