Love Letter #70


I was thinking about how wonderfully yellow and warm and alive love is, but then that iron clunk of dead-weight pain that’s bound to the bargain.

Peter Bruun

break grayer

Those who succumb to suicide leave shattered lives behind them, and Jason counted himself in this group after losing Anthony, his closest friend since high school. On a day set aside to remember the survivors of suicide loss, Jason told his story to the world in a newspaper column that offered the unvarnished truth of Anthony’s journey – his bright light and remarkable successes, and the skulking black disease that had hounded him since their youth. As fiercely as Jason loved his friend, just as fiercely did the pain of Anthony’s loss gut him, laying waste to normalcy, leaving him wondering what was real. The love he felt – that was real, and immortal. And learning to hold onto that offered Jason a path to recovery.

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