Love Letter #11


I was thinking of emanating aura, a hardened heart no match for the radiance of love.

Peter Bruun

break grayer

Ludacat, an irascible, mesmerizing Maine Coon, was one of few physical ties Peter had left to his daughter, who had slipped away into un-wellness and substance use. Longing and love fed Peter’s need to reach across Elisif’s silence. What more could he say? How else connect? There was Ludacat, of course. Hers since kittenhood, a hopeful step in an early attempt at recovery, now left behind. As exotic and lovely and unpredictable and wild as she was. In a letter to Elisif in the spring of her 24th year, Peter channeled his fear and yearning into an achingly simple note, hoping his love would pierce the haze she was cloaked in. It may have; he never knew. Peter never received a reply, and Elisif was dead within the year, leaving Ludacat to the care of her family.

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